One Caroline is Closing

Yes, it’s true. One Caroline is closing it’s doors this Monday. 😦 It’s been a great place to work and I am truly grateful to Jakob Moore & Conor for the opportunities they handed me. Thanks to Katie & Elizabeth Pedinotti for hiring me! Thanks to James Gascoyne for giving me the opportunity to book punk shows on Mondays 😉 and a HUGE thanks to Bobby Carlton with the massive support he’s put forth to make Super Dark a success. Lots of a great memories, lots of friends, lots of great music! It’s a serious bummer!

BUT… moving forward… Fear not.. Super Dark Mondays will continue. I will be announcing shortly where we will be hosting the shows I have booked currently (I’m booked up to June that this point). Yes, it’s the end of an era. But it is NOT the end of Super Dark Mondays in Saratoga!

So.. This Monday will not only be our last Super Dark Monday at One Caroline… It also marks our one year anniversary! I started this last year on February 27th with Hill Haints. So for this last show I am having a huge blowout celebration with Xander Naylor Group (psych jazz from NYC), D.Treut : Music (psych from NYC), Timbree (psych jazz from Saratoga), Eternal Crimes (post punk from Troy), Jouska(psych indie from Albany/Philly), Mr. Cancelled (sad old guy punk) & NEW LIFE (Albany pogo madness) . MUSIC STARTS AT 7:00PM!! FREE and ages 18+. Come out for one last one and celebrate with us. Get emotional.. break a couple of Edison bulbs 


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