Do the Fright Thing – Vol. 7

Tis the seassssssson!!!!¬†ūüéÉūüéɬ†Happy to present DO THE FRIGHT THING – VOL. 7 featuring 22 spooktacular Halloween-themed songs from the Capital Region & beyond! Featuring¬†New Primals,¬†The Coax, Bobby Youngblood, Period BOMB,¬†Nosferat ll,¬†Blood Blood Blood,¬†The 6th Circle, Bird Perverts,Sinkcharmer,¬†Hysteria,¬†The Leptons,¬†Steve Hammond,¬†The Abyssmals,Spell Runner,¬†Ugly Muppets, The King of Nothing Nowhere,¬†Potentially Lobsters,Romantic Thriller,¬†Tate Cozza,¬†Andrew Hassenger¬†&¬†Dover and the Elevators!!! Happy Halloween!! FREE DOWNLOAD! ENJOY!¬†#livemusic#superdarkmondays#superdarkcollective¬†#halloweenprom#halloween#halloweenparty¬†#noisemusic¬†#wspn¬†#experimetal¬†#cretinhop#vinyl¬†#compilation¬†#monsterbop¬†#horrorhop


Do the Fright Thing, Vol. 7 (2019)

by Various Artists

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Thinner Friends – Kill Street 00:00 / 02:15
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1.Thinner Friends – Kill Street 02:15
2.Bobby Youngblood – Devils Night… Fools Morning¬†03:49
3.Period Bomb – Rot w/ U 01:57
4.Nosferat II – Castle Dungeon 02:29
5.New Primals – Death Hoax 02:19
6.The Coax – Spooky Masquerade 03:05
7.Blood Blood Blood – Death’s Pets03:13
8.6th Circle – Asmodeus 05:08
9.Bird Perverts – Zombiefication 03:15
10.Sinkcharmer – Fading Ghost 03:18
11.Hysteria – Feeling Weird 02:54
12.The Leptons – Zombie Love 02:52
13.Steve Hammond – The House of Death03:59
14.The Abyssmals – No Fun-nel of Love03:17
15.Spell Runner – Phantoms 02:48
16.Ugly Muppets – Modern Vampires04:13
17.The King of Nothing Nowhere – She Loves the Knife 04:46
18.Potentially Lobsters – Potentially Lobsters 02:27
19.Romantic Thriller – Zombie Apocalypse06:07
20.Tatertraps – Another Galaxy 02:45
21.Andrew Hassenger – Reanimation 03:45
22.Dover and the Elevators – I’m Scared03:22


all song collected by Shane Sanchez 
Super Dark Collective
Album cover by Shane Sanchez: 
Caskets outside of the Blood Blood Blood / ICP gig on 10/13/19 

Thinner Friends (Troy, NY) 
Bobby Youngblood (Kansas City) 
Period Bomb (Miami, Fl) 
Nosferat II (Texas) 
New Primals (Minneapolis, MN) 
The Coax (Minneapolis, MN) 
Blood Blood Blood (Troy, NY) 
6th Circle (Columbus, OH) 
Bird Perverts (NYC) 
Sinkcharmer (Ballston Spa, NY) 
Hysteria (Red Bank, NJ) 
The Leptons (Maidson, WI) 
Steve Hammond…¬†¬†more


released October 13, 2019


all rights reserved



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