Super Dark nominated for 2020 Eddie’s Award!

We’re incredibly thrilled and honored that SUPER DARK Collective has been nominated for an Eddie Award. This year in the “On the Verge” catagory for putting on shows and playing a huge part in the local music scene. All the kudos really go to Shane Michael Sanchez Jr., Christopher Brown, Bobby Carlton, Sarah Darby, John Gill, John Olander, and Gary Ziroli. Those folks are the real reason why Super Dark Collective is where it’s at.

Also really excited to see our partner, Desperate Annie’s nominated as “Best Hang”…because they really are. 20 years ago I’d hang out in DA’s wishing they had live music. Now they do and it’s fucking amazing.

Of course, a HUGE thank you to August Rosa at Pint Sized/ Pint Sized, Travis Travis from DA’s, everyone who has played a show for us and especially everyone who have come to our shows.

We honestly don’t give a fuck if we win an Eddie, we just want people to continue coming to shows and supporting every band that plays a Super Dark Show…or any show!!

Lastly, big high fives to Dan Maddalone, Ralph Renna, Kim Neaton, Greg Bell, Paul Coleman, Belinda Colon, Gug’s ,Jarrett Hartstone, Gary Fox (Sly Fox) for either hosting a Super Dark show or just being a big part of the Albany/Saratoga/Troy/Glens Falls music scene and making it awesome.

Super Dark Collective still has a lot keep supporting us! Many thanks!

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