Artist Spotlight: Bryan Lasky

Hey ya’ll!!! Let’s keep this shit positive!!!!!

We are going to start spotlighting the people who are most important to us here at SUPER DARK Collective.

As independent artists we all face major challenges in 2020. It isn’t easy work to plan tours, organize showcases, coordinate band practices & find the energy to continuously do the things we love while facing serious set backs.

First up, we at Super Dark Collective LOVE & appreciate Boston based professional photographer Bryan David Lasky.

As an artist covering amazing events like Bonnaroo, Waking Windows & Beachroad Weekend, Bryan was also key in documenting the first few years of Super Dark’s events at One Caroline, River Street Pub, Savoy Taproom and Desperate Annie’s.

We were sad to lose him when he made the move to Boston & became part of the Boston Calling house photography team, but he still manages to pop up & surprise us at some of our events.

Thank you so much Bryan for your constant support of Super Dark. We love the shit out of you!!!!! Check out this amazing artist’s work at

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