Super Dark Radio: Sunday Podcast, Episode 1

Hey everyone!! Due to being shut in for the time being & WSPN being closed, we at SUPER DARK Collective are starting a new podcast called *Super Dark Radio Sunday Podcast*!! Shane, Chris & Sarah just recorded the first episode with Gary on Skype + we got a special call in from Jason Martin !! Bare with us.. times are awkward and our set up is a little rocky. But we hope you enjoy!!!!!…/super-dark-radio-sunday-podcast-ep…

Episode 1 (3/22/20)

Panther Modern “Take Me Off”
Dominated Swine “A Mother’s Dream”
Dominated Swine “Nitro Gold”
Dominated Swine “The Night Takes Two”
Buck Gooter “Apocalypse Me”
Steve Hammond “Escaping Hell”
Zombie Giuliani “Killer Cops”
Gools “Boreddumb”
Lemon of Choice “FAQ
Nemesister “Madame”
Crimesex “Wasted”
The Leptons “Heavy Heart”
HALEY MOLEY “Love from Afar”
Thinner Friends “Cowpig/Daggers (Live at Desperate Annie’s)”
Evil Sword “Old Barn”
Machine Revival “Teddy Ruxpin”
Nemesister “death song”
Dover and the Elevators “Perfume & Cigarettes”
Madeline Darby “Ogopogo”
Brown Cuts Neighbors “Running Naked on Peyote”
Bobby Vee “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes”
Sinkcharmer “the radio is full of ghosts”
Splotch “Bird Flu”
Queen Crony “Written Warning”
Lord Friday the 13th “Big Mac”
Madeline Darby “Beneath the Sand”
Buck Gooter “Who Put You in Charge?”
Comrade Nixon “Diggory Deathshead”
ryan flynn “Pride (Keep Working)”

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