Super Dark Radio: Sunday Podcast, Episode #2

episode #2 of the super awkward Super Dark Sunday Podcast!!!!! thanks Sinkcharmer for calling in!!!!

Mr. Cancelled “Jesus Disturbed”
The Wants “Fear My Society”
Nemesister “The Encounter”
Moon King“I’ve Stopped Believing”
Blood Blood Blood “Midnite Calls”
John Olander “Infected”
Zombie Guiliani “Apocalypse Now”
Comrade Nixon “Yellow Black”
Steve Hammond “Clear Yer Jets”
Architrave “Can’t Go Home”
Cindy Cane “Be My Nightmare”
Madeline Darby “What is Love?”
Potentially Lobsters “Child Guerrilla Beach Militia / Preppers in Paradise”
Ferriday “Everywhere You Go”
Beyond Peace “Repression”
Haunted Cat “I Play a Bored Whore”
Period BOMB “Get Off Me Sweaty Boy”
Period Bomb “Run Runaway”
goldee dust Dust “Run and Done”
Blood Blood Blood “The Fetish Priest”
Thinner Friends “Cop Soda”
Safety Meeting Meeting “Spliff4lunch”
SNÜBBED “Thanks for Asking”
Contact Kiss Kiss “I Got Erection”
Evil Sword “Old Barn”
Evil Sword “Dead Horse”
Jason Martin “The Man in Mee”
Buck Gooter “Judith Scott”
Dominated Swine “A Mother’s Dream”

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