Super Dark Home Video, Season 2.0: SEASON FINALE

THIS FRIDAY!! We at SUPER DARK Collective are excited to present the SEASON FINALE of Season 2.0 of Super Dark Home Video ! Season 2.0 is our return to video format (Super Dark Collective originated as a public access TV collective in 2014, Super Dark Home Video – Season 1 & 2.0 are available in their entirety at

While our original show was more focused on psychedelic skits, live performances and music videos, Season 2.0 was crafted as a homage to the original music video TV shows we grew up on. We began this season back in May as a creative alternative to our weekly live performance showcases, which were hosted (pre-COVID19) at Desperate Annie’s in Saratoga Springs & Pint Sized . Through this medium we have conituned to showcase and highlight original bands from all over the world. For Season 2.0 we took submissions and featured original music videos from over 40 bands!

We want to thank all of the amazingly talented bands who submitted their videos to be featured on Super Dark Home Video! PLEASE continue to submit by sending videos to

At this time we will be taking a short break to focus on our SUPER DARK HOME VIDEO HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, for which we are currently taking submissions!! Stay tuned for more info!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!

Video – @100psychicdreams
Music – Sinkcharmer

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