Information for Booked Bands

Thanks for playing a Super Dark Collective show.  Here’s some important information for you.
12-14 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, NY / (518) 587-2455 – DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER ABOUT BOOKING!

The first thing we want to mention is that we absolutely do not allow cover songs during any Super Dark Monday or Super Dark Thursday shows at Desperate Annies.

If you happen to arrive early for your show here in Saratoga Springs and looking to kill some time, definitely hit up Congress Park, or the State Park. Both are just minutes from the venue and a great place to hang out and kill some time. The Tang Museum at Skidmore College is very cool and just up the road on North Broadway, while Saratoga Arts is right next to Congress Park. You can also head on over to Uncommon Grounds for bagels and free wifi, or check out the HQ’s of Death Wish Coffee..the worlds strongest coffee! Both places are cool and won’t give you a hard time for hanging out.
Plenty of local restaurants to hit up and all within walking distance of Desperate Annies. Vegetarian and vegan options, bar food, tapas, burgers, and sushi are all available. $ – $$$
There are number of other great things to do in the surrounding area such as the Hyde Museum in Glens Falls, The Capital District Arts Center in Troy, NY, the New York State Museum in Albany, local swimming holes, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, and parks.
Load In/Load Out Information
  • Bands can load in anytime after 5pm.
  • You can park in front of the venue and come in through the front door, but you will need to move your car immediately after load in.
  • There’s plenty of places to park on Broadway (main street), as well as several parking garages within a 3 block radius of the venue.
  • When loading out, you can go grab your van/car and park it in front of the venue to load out.
  • Just navigate with caution and don’t run over any party folks.  The police are usually parked near the venue after 11pm and won’t hassle you for loading out.  But it doesn’t mean you can take your sweet ass time to unload your equipment.
  • If you’re spending the night in Saratoga…like any other place…lock up your van/car.  Use smart band parking strategies such as butting the back end of your van/car right up to a wall or fence.  Park in a well lit area and don’t leave valuables in the van/car.  You never know when an asshole could be lurking around.
  • Venue number: (518) 587-2455
  • Venue Contact: Bartender on duty
Things to know about playing the venue:
  1. Our Tech Director is John.  He’s a sweetheart…listen to him!! He knows the room!
  2. Audio Tech information.
  3. Shows start at 9:30pm and end at midnight.
  4. Please keep your sets short and sweet. 30 minutes is perfect.
  5. Please no encores unless you are the last band on the bill.
  6. Don’t play into the other bands time slots. It’s a dick move.
  7. There is a designated area for band merchandise.
  8. Play original music only. No covers.
  • We pay all artists at the end of the evening.
  • If you leave before the show ends, you forfeit your money.
  • We always try to arrange for a few pizzas from Esperantos for the bands (no promises). It’s up to the folks at Esperantos if they want to donate pizzas.
  • Each band gets a pitcher of beer from the bar.
  • There are no food/drink buyouts.
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