Artist Spotlight: Gary Ziroli

Let’s continue to keep this shit positive!!!!!

We are spotlighting the people who are most important to us here at SUPER DARK Collective.

As independent artists we all face major challenges in 2020. It isn’t easy work to plan tours, organize showcases, coordinate band practices & still find the energy to continuously do the things we love while facing serious set backs.

Next up, we at Super Dark Collective LOVE & appreciate demented musician, photographer, radio host and Super Dark member Gary Ziroli.

Originally from Galway, Gary was a prominent figure in the Norfolk music scene in the 1980’s. His band Antic Hay (Norfolk, VA) is featured in the 2011 film Hardcore Norfolk, documenting the
extensive punk/hardcore/experimental/noise scene from the 80’s & 90’s. In the film the band recounts a story of losing out on a record deal to Guns n Roses. Antic Hay encored with “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” well before Slash n Axel.

In the 90’s, Gary made the move to New York City and fronted countless demented bands like God and Famous, Capital Air and Das Jah (post-punk/German reggae??). He collaborated with avant-garde artist Sam Sebren on numerous experimental noise projects such as Dollar Tree, THIS and Bird Perverts. He made his way back to Galway in the 2000’s and started the 2 piece guitar/drum duo Kingsteen with his nephew Ian.

Around this time Gary and I were working together at a vegan cafe in Saratoga for well over a year before I even knew he was a musician. One day while I was playing the Minutemen
on the work stereo, Gary shouted out to me, “YES!!! My band played with these guys. Mike Watt slept on my floor!!!” From there Gary has been one of my oldest friends (aren’t you
60 yet??) and longest (eh eh!!!) creative collaborators.

Gary has been a key member of the Super Dark Collective since day one. Together in 2010, we began recording under the name Swanfeeder. We played a handful of shows, sabotaged plenty of open-mics and made dozens of demented music videos. In 2015, Gary was a main actor and creative contributor to our public access television show Super Dark Home Video. The series originally aired on Channel Albany and LookTV and can be seen in it’s entirety on YouTube.

In 2017, Gary started performing solo old-guy post-punk under the name Mr. Cancelled (a name he lifted from his favorite Cows song). He recorded a self titled EP for Super Dark Records and assembled a full band to back him. In 2019, the now trio Mr. Cancelled released the cassette Every Town Has It’s Dolls on Super Dark Records.

We had always talked about doing a podcast or radio show,and finally out of the blue in 2018 Gary signed us up for a 2 hour slot on WSPN. Super Dark Radio has aired every Thursday from noon to 2PM for over two years. Focusing on all things Super Dark related, the radio program features local music news and music from bands who have played or are slated to play one of our events. Focusing entirely on an extreme underground music scene from around the globe, Super Dark Radio is very current, cutting edge and always exciting (it’s hard
not to swear on the radio).

In 2019 Gary self published the 108 page paperback yesterday last week today, featuring photographs shot on black and white film in a time of digital photography, using a variety of rangefinder and single-lens reflex cameras. Gary’s work has been featured in exhibits, as well as appearing in more than 25 guidebooks about photography. He is the co-author of Vol. 15: Photography: The Film Photography Book, with Shawn M. Tomlinson, and the forthcoming Vol. 46: Photography: Film Classics 06: The Canon AE-1 & AE-1 Program.

In 2020 together with Madeline Darby, Gary and I started recording and performing as the Troy based synth-trash trio Thinner Friends. Labeled as a “poor, poor-man’s B-52’s”, we are currently working with Paul Coleman on our debut EP due out this Spring.

Gary IS Super Dark. We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

check these links for this amazing artists work!!!!
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Kingsteen –

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